Yesterday’s Trail Ride

I don’t think I can actually get across how much I love trail riding, but it is one of my very favorite things to do with horses. That’s probably why I like cross country so much now that I think about it. Speed, trail ride and jumps? What’s NOT to like?

But I digress. Yesterday Krissie and I took the ponies (and the puppies) on a late afternoon trail to the local trail system and had a blast.

This is a great set of trails for us because there are lots of places for a great open gallop, water crossings and hills for a good workout.

Dandy and Guinness were perfect gentleman on the trail. Dandy was a little drunk when going through the sage brush path but he went into the water like I asked and stood still while Krissie was working with Klancie. Guinness came when called, even when he wasn’t the one being called!

Klancie had a little bit of a problem with wanting to run off when we got cantering so I ended up getting on him to school a little bit. First he tried to buck with me which was definitely a no go. Second was that he was just running through the bit so he got to canter through the sage brush. That pulled him up real quick! The last time I cantered him, Klancie did listen to the bit and came down so I let him be done. Krissie is going to try a new bit on him as I think the rubber mouth D-ring is just too “nice” of a bit. Apparently Kristen thinks so too so Krissie is going to try a regular D-ring or full cheek snaffle.

Tomorrow we are going to Lake Washoe! So excited!