Year in Review – Conformation


I decided to do one more conformation post because I want to compare what Dandy looked like when he got out here, and what he looks like now. I think we’ve made a lot of progress.


Dandy Conformation Jan. 13, 2012 February

Dandy Conformation Photo 2-2-12










Apparently I forgot this month?








And done.



But you can see the biggest difference when you put them right next to each other.  

Conformation Side by Side

Sometimes, when things aren’t going well, it’s hard to remember just how far Dandy has come in a relatively short time. He’s had so many setbacks in his quest to gain weight, many that I haven’t been able to talk about on this blog. But there has been progress. And there will be more progress. Just wait until next year. I bet he’ll look like a different horse.

8 thoughts on “Year in Review – Conformation

  1. First of all OMG he looks like my horse! Even in the skinny pictures he looks just like the same horse I had for the first year. And you are SO right year two he will be a different horse. As soon as he starts to use his back better little by little his topline with change dramaticly. Unfortunately it just takes time with these TB’s and no matter how much you feed and what work you do it will still take a lot of time. But OMG he looks like my horse! The white sock is the only dead give away. Is he liver?

    1. That’s the truth isn’t it. We’ve recently switched trainers and the change in his back is noticeable but it’s has a long way to go. But as you said, time and work will change that.

      They are so similar! I definitely am suspicious that Dandy is a liver chestnut. I just love his color in the spring/summer.

  2. omg he look awesome!!! what a great transformation and testament to you and your ability to get him to where he needs to be! good job mama!

  3. He looks like a completely different horse almost! I need to do one of these for Simon, he’s had a similar ‘underdog’ transformation and struggles to gain weight. You’ve done a great job with Dandy so far, he looks amazing!

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad I decided to take the pictures because it is really hard to see the change day to day. I didn’t realize what a change we had made until I put the pictures together.

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