Working Through It

Yesterday was Dandy’s birthday so the boy and I went out to give him some peppermints and a short ride. I was being lazy and didn’t want to stop for carrots or something special. Dandy was not pleased with my lack of dedication and decided to give me a little trouble when I was on him.

Bad pony.

But I didn’t let him get away with anything. It was fairly busy in the small indoor as it was raining and lessons were being given but I pushed through it. Every time he decided to halt his forward moment (which is his first step to telling me he doesn’t want to do anything) I turned him in a very tight nose to knee circle and then sent him forward. Dandy did try his little rearing trick but I pulled him around and kept going.

“You’re 7 now. No need for a temper tantrum.”

“But MOM!”

“No! You’re a gentleman, act like it.”


And after that, he was quiet. I kept working him until he was listening to my aids and giving me a nice little bend on the circle. I think what’s causing all his antics is the atmosphere. It is way crazier than what he’s used to and sometimes feels more like a show atmosphere. My guess is that it just winds him up and he forgets himself. Not a good excuse in my book but it is something we can work with.

Happy birthday big boy!

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