Working On It

If you remember from my 2017 show schedule (and subsequent posts were I mentioned how excited I was to enter Gus’ first recognized show), we should be getting ready for FENCE HT this week. Sadly, we are not. Several members of the team did not get their entry in so we decided to shift the show season to start at Sporting Days next week. I suppose this is a good thing after the whole clinic debacle but I was looking forward to having a few days off from work!

And to that end, we have been working quite hard on things! Gus received two training rides last week, both with some over fences component. On Friday he did a whole course of jumps set much higher than I’m comfortable with. This is reassuring to my little adult amateur mind.

Then for last night’s lesson I got to work on courses as well. It didn’t start great, if you must know. I just really wasn’t feeling great about all of the filler under the fences even though I had seen video of Gus jumping all of this last week. Silly, I know. LT believes that when Gus stepped in the gate during the clinic he started over thinking all the filler under the jumps. This makes sense to me especially because filler has been something we’ve always struggled with. But I ended up pushing through the moroseness and had a wonderful lesson. My big take away is that I need to keep my leg on the entire ride (how many times do I need to be told that to get it to stick?) and really power through corners.

This weekend we are going to Ashland to XC school and hopefully I’ll be able to remember everything I did today.

16 thoughts on “Working On It

  1. he is so cute! what a big stride – i’m sure that is a work out trying to harness all of that energy into the right place!

  2. I think it looks like you did a fabulous job! Gus looks like a forward ride, and I know that personally that type of ride makes me a bit nervous sometimes, so you are brave in my eyes. Way to keep pushing your comfort level, you guys really do look fabulous.

    1. Huh, I never heard it put that way but you are definitely right. It is very forward and when he gets sucked back behind my leg… we stop. 🙂

  3. Nice job! He does look fun, but not easy. Those jumps are not small, and the fill is all kinds of stuff, good for you for riding through the nerves and doing a great job around that course!

  4. Woot, that last fence! I’m a filler freak, too. I freak P out more than he would have to begin with. Great job! Let me know how you like Sporting Days. With all my adventures in Aiken, that’s one venue I haven’t been to.

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