With A Little Help From My Friends

Gus makes horse friends easily. And even when he gets moved heards, he keeps them.

One of these is a mustang named Roo. Now to be fair, Roo also lives across the aisle so he and Gus see each other all the time. But still, Gus loves Roo.


Roo isn’t a very good trailerer. He’s pretty tough to load actually so I have used him as a training opportunity for Gus. I have had him in the trailer when Roo is refusing, tied to the trailer was being an idiot, and even after Gus saw how bad Roo was with the trailer, Gus still hoped right on. Good Gus! It’s nice that Roo’s mom doesn’t mind me butting in on their trailer sessions.

Gus’ new bromance is with this old bay thoroughbred:


I don’t even know his name but they love each other. It’s the only gelding that Gus has called to, much to my annoyance.

But I can’t begrudge Gus his friends. He’s a friendly horse and he just wants to make friends of all shapes and sizes, even when they want nothing to do with him.


7 thoughts on “With A Little Help From My Friends

  1. So cute. It’s good that he’s friendly. And good for you to have an easy loader! What a good boy! I need to practice more with Annie now that I have a trailer. I have been avoiding hitching up though. And she’s loaded fabulously all of the times I’ve taken her places.

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