Wish List

What equestrian or horse obsessed girl doesn’t have a list a mile long of horse related items? When I was younger, I used to page through my Dover Saddlery catalog and circle everything my superstar event horse and I needed. It won’t surprise you to learn that basically everything on that list was (and still is) out of my price range. But a girl can dream, right?

This list is, mostly, for my own day dreams. I won’t say no if you want to get me something from it, however…

Sanswill Fly Bonnet
A custom fly bonnet that is GORGEOUS! I would get one that is mostly black with white and orange cord or trim. I don’t think Dandy or Eric would appreciate bling but maybe I can sneak some in.

Rambo Newmarket Quarter Sheet and/or Rambo Newmarket Cooler
I love the fun stripes on these. I think Dandy would look good in any of the colors but the chocolate stripes would probably match the rest of his tack the best!

Airowear Outlyne Flexible Protective Riding Vest
I need a vest and this one not only meets all the safety recommendations, it also doesn’t look as bulky as some of the others. It is way too expensive from Dover; I’ll have to keep a watch for it on eBay.

Fowler Standard Racing Crop
I think one of these in my new x-country colors of orange and black would be super cool!