Winter is Coming

Our plans for a trail ride with the pups was abruptly canceled when we woke up to snow! And if it’s snowing at our house, you can be sure that it is dumping on the mountains. The puppies had fun though.

So I’ll just use this day to give a quick update on Dandy’s trainer ride on Thursday. It went really well and he got to jump higher than normal which he appreciated. Madchen worked on setting him up and letting him pick either the long distance (which was the wrong choice) or to pad the ground with another stride. Dandy got it right half the time so that’s a big plus.

What we discovered the other day is that the trot pole is actually making him crooked to the jump. Because he can’t really collect yet, Dandy doesn’t think he can fit his body in between the trot pole so instead he goes sideways and then jumps crooked. The cure for that is a lot of trot poles.

You know what is really sad? I haven’t been on my horse since the show. That has got to change. Maybe even this afternoon if I can get my act together and get out there. Otherwise tomorrow we get back to work with both the Vienna Reins and trot poles.