When it Rains


I had a great lesson on Friday with Dandy. While it had been hot and gorgeous all week, it cooled off by Friday which was actually better. I prefer to ride in 70 degrees rather than 90! And it wasn’t raining yet so I’ll take what I can get.

There’s still some lingering nervousness when I’m out in the outdoor arena. I’m not sure why but I know it’s just going to take repetition and pushing through the doubts to over come this. Dandy was really good for me. He wasn’t being goofy or spooking at the far end like I thought he was going to so after a few laps we both settled into work. It was nice to be able to work in the outdoor because I couldn’t use the walls to cheat. We worked on a 15 meter circle trying to get more consistent in our contact. JLE made me do it at the sitting trot which I haven’t worked on in forever. I was dying. Especially because she didn’t let me get away with a slower trot, we still had to go forward forward forward.

I couldn’t wait to get out to ride on Sunday.

wpid-img_20140502_174900.jpgBut when it rains, it pours, especially in the PNW. Not only was it actually back to pouring rain, but when I got out there Dandy had pulled a hind shoe and ripped a huge chunk out of his foot. No surprise, he was dead lame. Wonderful. Luckily, our BM, N, found his shoe in the paddock so he’ll get that tacked back on today. Hopefully nothing else is too bad and he can get back to work quickly.


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    1. Just talked to the farrier and found he needs all four done as they havent been done since before his CA trip. Yikes.

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