What Rhymes with Orange?

Cyber Monday had some very very good deals that I just couldn’t pass up in regards to new tack for Dandy. The biggest purchase being a Clinton Anderson Halter and Lead. Not only did he offer his No Worries Membership Price to the general public, he also offered free shipping! Yay! I got a large size because in case you didn’t realize… Dandy is a very big horse. Also, it’s orange.

I also purchased “something” that is supposed to be orange for Eric’s Christmas gift. The picture on horseloverz.com showed it as black but customer service swears it’s orange… here’s hoping! I don’t know why I didn’t think of checking State Line Tack but oh well.

If you could’t tell, Eric decided to choose orange for Dandy’s barn color. This shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who knows him well as it’s his favorite color. Guinness is also decked out in orange collars and leads when he’s not wearing Eagles’ Green. From all the pictures, and what I remember, I think Dandy is a brown enough chestnut to be able to handle the orange. And if he’s not? Well, it’s only for hacking around the barn. We’ll show in white and other classic colors.

The best part of it all is that Dandy’s going to arrive right around Christmas time! The original shipper canceled on us (that’s a whole other angry post that I’m not going to get into) but luckily we found another mom and pop team we’ve had great referrals for. They estimated picking him up around December 19th-23rd. This company is a bit more expensive but still way less than the big national shippers. I’m really hoping that Eric got all the paper work in and called them today to work out the payments.

Things are starting to look up. I’ve even got a short time gig for at least the month of December that is paying me $12/hr. I’m hoping to use that to finish paying off the credit card bills and maybe save another month or two of student loan payments. Also… pay Jolene board! We’ll see, that may be ambitious but it all depends on how often I’m going to be able to work.

That’s enough for this Wednesday post. Off to do the dishes and figure out what to do for dinner.