What I Wore

I’m a secret fashionista. I love clothes and I love putting together outfits for other people but I’m not great at doing it for myself. But every once in a while I seem to pull it off. Last Sunday was one of those day that my outfit was just rocking.


Me: Kastel Denmark Charlotte Sun Shirt in Navy with Orange Trim // Treadstep Symphony Rosa Knee-Patch Breech // Roeckl Summer Chester Gloves // Charles Owen GR8 // Treadstep Donatello Field Boots // Accessories – Fowlers Custom Jockey Whip

Gus: Ogilvy Baby Pad // Ogilvy Half Pad in Custom Colors // Horze Tendon & Fetlock Boots in Orange (no longer available) // USG Fly Veil in Mud & Black

To be honest, the only thing I don’t like about the outfit is the fly veil I picked out. I have a perfectly good fly veil in navy with an orange-y brown trim… why didn’t I pick that?

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