Welcome to the PNW

In every barn I’ve ever boarded at, if it starts raining either during or before your lesson, you moved to the indoor. But not in the PNW. So even though we were in the middle of a jump lesson when the heavens opened up, we stuck it out outdoors. You never know when you’re going to have to show in the rain, after all, might as well get used it. Plus our outdoor footing is really nice.

The best part about pushing myself to jump a few weeks ago is that now nothing looks larger. It all looks doable. Which means I can actually focus on riding to the fences and not just getting over them.

It also means that JLE is getting after my equitation again, which is sorely needed. Besides letting my toes slip down and heel up, she is also getting annoyed at my extremely bad habit of looking down to check my leads. I don’t need to do it, I know which lead I’m on but it’s been so ingrained! Hopefully I’ll be able to break it here this winter, especially since sometimes I don’t realize I’m doing it.

Even with the rain, it was a really fun lesson with a nice fun course.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the PNW

  1. Looks like a very nice lesson. I’m sure I’ve said it before but our guys could be twinsies. Everytime I watch a video of him I feel like I’m watching Steady. That is a compliment cause I of course think Dandy is beautiful and talanted.

  2. You both look like you’re having fun! I have been on the wrong diagonal a little bit lately. So annoying. Come on, I know this. I’ve been doing more figures and I think I sometimes forget which direction I’m going. Please send some of your rain to southern California. 🙂

  3. nice ride! i’m always looking down for my leads too and it drives me nuts…. so hard to fix tho! also re: riding in the rain: i agree with your point – if you’d show in it you should school in it 🙂

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