Weather Blues

I can’t seem to win with the weather here! It’s super humid and sticky, and then it rains and is cool for about an hour but immediately back to humid and sticky. The big problem is that the rain closes the arenas at the current barn so I have no where to practice! How am I supposed to get ready for this weekend?

And of course it’s supposed to storm all week and then be a “lovely” 94 on Saturday.



I went up to the barn last night even though I knew the arenas were closed. It took me an hour and a half to get there from my new office. What a drag. And then, when I was about ten minutes away the heavens opened up and POURED. I don’t mind riding in the rain but this was a drenching. Plus the thunder was constant and there was a lot of lightening. Road hack was not going to happen in that!


I waited it about a half hour but I was really feeling like going home. The rain stopped but the thunder didn’t. I decided to risk it.

We ended up going on a quick little hack but I’m not really sure how productive it was. Gus was not very relaxed and I was frustrated (at other things). At least they were miles I suppose.


Hopefully the storm today isn’t as bad. I’d really like to get in the ring and run through the BN B test. I don’t think I’ve ever ridden that one.

10 thoughts on “Weather Blues

  1. Just ugh. There is nothing worse than being stuck at work all day, then traffic, only to get stormed on when you finally get to the barn! I hate that.

  2. Welcome to summer in the South. It sucks. But hey, at least winter here is pretty good!

    I’ve learned to do approximations of dressage tests in the fields I’ve had access to. It’s not perfect, but it’s something until you can get into a measured arena again.

  3. BN b seems to be actually a pretty good test. I hated it for a while bc it’s soooo much unjudged trotting – like half the test feels like just trotting between the movements lol. But actually it has proved to be a very good test bc you don’t end up feeling rushed (except for maybe at that left lead canter depart after the sharp diagonal turn, then picking up the trot after short free walk diagonal right before your centerline turn to finish. The trot trans and centerline turn are scored together too which always bit me in the ass…) and it provides so much opportunity to show off your trot and boost the collectives. As far as test riding strategy goes, it’s a fun one to tackle. (Can you tell I have ridden it approximately 8 zillion times?)

    Also totally random and apropos nothing, but did you know the rider Holly on the bay Appaloosa Danny at your last clinic is also a blogger? She writes bringing up baby at wapzhotdan.blogspot. I saw her post and was like, wait a second that’s Lauren and Gus!! Lol

  4. It has been SOOOO sticky here this week. The temps haven’t been high, but when you add in the humidity doing anything outside of any length of time is just miserable.

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