We Jump

We are interrupting the 2014 Caber Farms H.T. recap because I had just an AMAZING lesson tonight. I actually got to jump and gained a lot of my confidence back.

It started with just a bunch of ground poles that I had to keep the connection the whole time. Dandy was doing great until JLE told us that he was looking awesome and then Dandy decided to jump over the last two poles. I swear he did that just because he wanted to prove JLE wrong.

Once we were doing that well, JLE bumped the poles into a cross rail and we did that a few times. Really nothing to exciting. Finally she moved it to a little vertical and I cantered up to it a little nervous. I had to keep telling myself that he has schooled training level XC jumps, he can do a 2ft vertical.

And of course he did.


But you know, it was funny. After the second time over the jump, I wasn’t even thinking that the jump looked high. I won’t say it looked small, yet, but it didn’t look huge. It just looked like a jump I knew we could do. And I guess that’s the whole point of us starting out at the beginning again and working our way up. I have to regain the confidence.

One of the nice things about this lesson was that I was actually able to package the canter and half halt when things got going too fast. I couldn’t do that last year. I had one speed to the jump and that was fast. And so of course Dandy would go for the long spots when he’s strung out. It’s nice to actually be able to hit the correct places.

We were both super hot and sweaty afterwards, even if the lesson was only 30 minutes. Gosh do I love jumping.


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  1. YAY so excited for you! Sometimes the beginning is the best place to go because you can do this, get back to the fun! Way to work through it, keep going girl!

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