We Jump

I don’t really have much to say besides “My boy is so good!” and I am sure you are sick of hearing that. But he is! All the ground poles are really helping him out and I really do feel like the go over stuff part of jumping is starting to click.

It’s not our best jump of the day but it was all I actually managed to get on the camera screen.

Gus was doing so well that I decided to pop him over the little vertical plank jump (all the other jumps were cross rails). Our first time, I did not ride very well and Gus just about refused. I didn’t just not ride well, I kind of just sat there and hoped he go over it. Yeah… that doesn’t work with this horse. I have to ride every step. Thankfully, I realized what was going wrong with just enough to put my legs on (and the tap of my whip) and Gus was able to pop over.


What I really love about his jumping style is that even though this is all new and scary, when he over jumps, it is still reasonable. There’s no cracking his back and almost tossing me out of the saddle! Even though I have to really ride Gus to the fence, I don’t feel unsafe on him. With Dandy, even if I knew in my heart that he would go over any fence I pointed at him, by the end I was terrified that he’d refused and I would get incredibly stiff and stop riding. It really doesn’t make logical sense but sometimes fear doesn’t.

So all that is just me rambling but what I’m trying to say is that I love that Gus makes me feel safe even if this is all brand new for him.

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  1. Great video! I think I know what you mean about feeling safe. Knight is green and has jumped so big I thought I needed to use Depends for my next lesson, but he feels so willing and like he’s trying really hard. The jumps might not look perfect, but he’s going for it. P.S. I still love the orange and gray combo. Very sharp.

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