Water Training aka The Day I Almost Drowned My Horse; Part 1

Yesterday, Dandy turned 6! I managed to get out during my lunch break to give him a quick hug but I was in too much distress to do anything else. Oh well, sorry Dandy boy.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Tahoe and I was lucky enough to have it off. After lounging all day I finally dragged myself and Eric out of the house and to the barn. I wanted to put Dandy’s new leather halter on and take some pretty photos. But when I got him out of the pasture I noticed that the stream was full (the waterways have all been open here) so ┬áthere was a quick change of plans: water training!

The stream runs through the entire property and there are some places where it’s pretty deep so I picked a spot that is shallow and I could see the bottom. Better to start in the easy spot!

Dandy: Oh, I don’t think you really want me to go in there.
Me: Yes, I do.

Dandy: Oh is this all you want? I guess this isn’t so bad.

Dandy: It is rather tiring though. I need a drink.

Dandy: Mom, how come my friends don’t have to do this?
Me: Because you’re special. Now let’s go the other way.

Here is where I am thinking, okay I guess Dandy is one of those horses who likes to role in the water.

This is where I realize that Dandy must have sunk into the bog and gotten his foot caught. He lifted his head up out of the water for a few seconds and then dropped it back in and made no attempt to move farther.

Me: Oh, shit.

I start yanking on the rope to encourage Dandy to put his feet under him and stand up. I was all set to run in there after him if he didn’t but thankfully Dandy struggled forward and pulled himself out.

Dandy: Grass? I don’t even remember that you just tried to kill me.