Viva Carlos Blog Hop: Barn Artefacts


Oh man, this is definitely a blog hop I can participate in! I have SOOOOO much JLE gear.

Long Sleeve Shirt


Technically this might not qualify for JLE gear since it was actually purchased to help send JLE to Rolex… but whatever, I’m counting it. Just a simple cotton long sleeve. I love it.

Team Fly Bonnet


We got these as gifts for the holidays one year. It had a JLE monogram patch on it at one point but I took that off to dress up another bonnet. I still use this a ton because it’s just a basic easy bonnet.

JLE Polos


I have a white one too. Never got to wear these while riding for JLE because I didn’t take any clinics or go to any shows. I did occasionally wear them while grooming Dandy at the big shows though.

Team Jackets


Confession time, I have TWO of these team jackets! The first was originally purchased when I first moved out there and I really wanted to be part of the team and fit in. The second I purchased right after I moved and is the updated jacket (with zippers on the pocket and a fleece liner). To be fair, the reason I got the second was because I was an “owner” and got the jacket sponsored and only had to pay a minimal wholesale cost. But I LOVE these jackets so much. They get a lot of wear and still look great.


Kerrits helped with the cost of these jackets so I got one. It’s nice for early winter (or mid winter here in GA) riding.

Team Saddle Pads


We ordered these right before I found out I was moving. Sort of disappointing. I suppose I could have sold these to someone at the barn but they are nice Tolkat saddle pads and I have found they fit Gus great. I’m keeping them and using them. I have three. Two in the above color combination and one with the blue and silver switched.

Not pictured:

JLE helmet/carry all bag
JLE sweatshirt
All of Eric’s JLE swag (sweatshirt, polo)


That’s a lot of stuff! Now I just need to start collecting the new team gear. LOL.



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