Update Dump

I don’t have the energy or the motivation to do a full post on anything related to Dandy right now. These past few days have been so frustrating.

Wednesday (October 17th)

Went on an awesome trail ride with Krissie and our other friend, Beth. It was a beautiful ride and really easy once you got over the initial granite hill that needed to be climbed!

I even got to jump an old fence that has long since fallen apart.


See this for our jumping lesson recap.


A horseless day. Took Eric to the airport which was way sadder than I thought it was going to be. He’s in Philly for the week visiting family and doing some work related stuff. I really miss him.

So does Guinness.


After two days off, I decided that I really needed to go out and work him. We do have a show this weekend after all.

It was a DISASTER. I was trying to do the giving to pressure and stretching exercise that Kristen taught us and he reared every time I asked. I was so frustrated so I got off, let him run some of his energy off in the round pen and put him away.

Later that night I met Krissie out at the barn to practice braiding. We learned a new way to braid which is the way the dutch like to do dressage braids. They looked great on Klancie but I think Dandy’s mane is too thin.


Called Kristen to see if she could fit in a lesson for the day after our disaster ride on Sunday. So glad I did. She worked him in Vienna reins for a good half hour. Mostly because Dandy just did not get it and kept rearing. Eventually he went around at walk, trot, and canter with no fuss and I got to ride for a while.

It was cold, rainy and the mountains were covered in clouds because they were getting snow! I put Dandy’s blanket on because he was not prepared for that at all and I don’t want him to shiver off the weight he does have.

Afterwards I helped Krissie with her test and went to her house for an awesome spicey Mexican stew. Yum!


I was supposed to go out to Madchen’s today but I felt so awful when I woke up (thought I was going to puke) that I cancelled. Around ten or so I was feeling fine and really wish I had gone out regardless but oh well.

So I went out to work more on the lunging with the Vienna Reins as Kristen says I should do them every day. Dandy was perfect to the left. Not one freak out!

We’re only doing the one rein at the moment so we don’t over do it. I don’t know if you can see from these photos but the reins are incredibly loose and he’s not holding his head up any higher than a normal ride.

And yet he still freaked out going to the right. I guess he’s super blocked on that side. In fact, while I did my best to pull him back down, he actually flipped himself onto his side going to the right. After that he got back up and stood so still. I think he was in shock. So I took the reins off and just asked him to go forward. He looked fine so I put the rein back on. There were a few minor freaks but once I got all three gaits without a rear or a stop, we ended. That was enough of a heart attack for me.

Then we did a little ride in the field to calm us both down.

At least it was really pretty! And Dandy does stretch a whole lot more after using the Vienna Reins.

I think I need to go back and redo some halter training. He’s not giving to pressure like he should and I think his pull backs when tied up at FTF were an early indication that something was missing. I just never knew he was going to get so panicked over collection because he’s never really been asked to do that!

So we’ll lunge tomorrow and do a ride in the arena to practice the tests. Thursday is at Madchen’s and then Friday we’ll skip the lunging and just have a hack.

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