Didn’t have my lesson today because Dandy took GREAT offense to my trying to curry the mud off his belly. My poor boy was in so much pain that he sat back and broke the cross ties. Ugh. I’ve always figured he had ulcers thanks to being a racehorse, a five day cross country trip out here, and his general disposition to worry about everything. Only, I’m poor and can’t afford to scope him so I did my best to make him comfortable. Currently he’s on Smart Gut Ultra or whatever it is and I’m now adding aloe vera juice at the suggestion of Kristen.

So today we just went for a nice long walk around the property. No surprise Dandy thought that was much preferable to having to do dressage. Poor baby! I feel so bad that he’s in so much pain. I’m hopeful that the omeprazole that I’ve ordered will do the trick and clear up the ulcers so we can go back to having a happy pony.

5 thoughts on “Ulcers

  1. Hope Mr Dandy is feeling better!

    Henry is a butt when I brush his belly/girth area and then when I put on the girth (i never make it tighter then the first hole so it’s not tight at all!)… he’s fine when I tighten the girth once we go to ride. I am always wondering if he’s just being a grouch or if he has ulcers… hmmmm

    1. Dandy has all the classic symptoms and the background for it (ottb/performance horse, long travel, worry wart). Since I didn’t get him checked by the vet I can’t be certain but I also don’t think it will hurt. I’ll know in a few days if it’s working as he gets his first dose today! I hope he starts feeling better soon.

  2. I just ordered Simon 7 tubes of GastroMax3 or preventative/developing ulcer treatment. HIs personality has changed from stall rest, and I want to do whatever I can to preserve the happy go lucky fat horse I had before his injury. The price wasn’t too bad either, $140 which is much more reasonable than UlcerGard.

    1. That is WAY better and UlcerGard. I hate that it’s so expensive but our guys depend on us. We have to do the right thing for them! I hope Simon starts acting like his normal self, that’s never fun to deal with.

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