Two Thumbs Up

to Voltaire Design’s customer service!

Before I sent Dandy down to Rebecca Farms, I cleaned and conditioned all of his tack so that he would look beautiful in the ring and I would know exactly what condition everything was in. When it came back, there was a rip in the leather of his new girth. The girth that has only been in my possession for five weeks and has been pretty lightly used. Even if it got yanked on especially hard at Rebecca Farms, it shouldn’t be breaking this early in the game.

Today I called Voltaire, explained the problem and asked if there was anything they could do to help me. Without any questions, they put a new girth in the mail for me today and just asked that I send the other one back when I get it. Wow. I was beyond shocked and impressed.

That’s how you build and keep loyal customers.

20 thoughts on “Two Thumbs Up

  1. I’m sad the picture isn’t loading for me so I can see. I had noticed that Voltaire had bigger size girths in stock (60-62″) and have been wondering how they run in size? Still trying to find a big girth for Stampede to show in.

    1. I changed the picture so hopefully that helps it. Unfortunately I have a short girth so I’m not sure what the longer ones are like. I do know that I love mine and except for this little issue, JLE’s have held up great.

      1. I thought maybe short girths were the same and made in cm and sold in inches in the US so you’d know if it ran big or small?
        The size I need is custom for most high end brands which is really annoying. Basically county and Voltaire are the only two who stock that size.
        Picture works now. 🙂

    1. With all the horror stories I’ve read, I certainly hope this gets some of the old guard to do better. It’s ridiculous to have any problems when you spend this kind of money but at least Voltaire is willing to make it right.

  2. I had excellent service with them too. My stirrup leathers were slightly frayed. Not coming un-stitched, but not pretty. They sent me new ones, no questions asked. My friend told me they are looking for a rep in so-cal….I AM looking for a new job….

    1. I agree. Not ideal but I’m willing to allow a little slip up here and there as long as they’re willing to make it right.

  3. I’ve never purchased anything from them but I am a huge fan of good customer service whether it’s at the coffee shop, Costco, or wherever. Thank you for letting me know of this company’s reputation. Yay.

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