Turn Out

On Sunday, we turned Gus out for the first time. He was SO amped up when I lead him out that I was a little worried about how he was going to act in the pasture so I just unclipped the lead instead of taking the halter off and backed away quickly. Thankfully, he trotted away from me before he got to crazy. And he didn’t get too bad, just a few bucks and then about ten minutes of running. And running. And running.

Gus_4-2 Gus_6-2 Gus_8-2 Finally he settled down but he didn’t really seem to know what to do with all that space. He walked all over the pasture and only grazed intermittently. Still, he was a good boy and thankful not awful to catch. Gus_9-2 Gus_10 Today I went out to turn him out again just to make sure everything was all right and to drop off more paperwork for the barn owner (do not try to figure out a barn and a horse in a new city all the same time! It is a nightmare, trust me!). Today when I lead him out he was so quiet and calm and I think I’m starting to see his true personality now that he’s starting to settle in.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to start lunging him, assuming it’s not raining and the arenas aren’t closed. Unfortunately the barn I’m at does not have an indoor and if the arenas get too wet they’re closed. This won’t be a problem in the long run because I’ll go for a trail ride but Gus and I are not there yet! Gus_17

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