Tryon Riding & Hunt Club HT 2017 – Pregame and Dressage

You would not believe how excited I was when we left for the horse show. I was confident and excited if a bit frazzled because I am still trying to figure out how to manage my time with new job . I could not wait to get there.

Gus had even been an angel on the trailer. Usually he’s pissy and likes to stomp and scream at stops despite the fact that my husband is an excellent driver and he’s got a full hay bag. This time, nothing. Everything was going right. 

So after unloading in had a good hour and a half before I had to be on for my flat school and decided to walk XC. That’s when things started falling apart. 

When I decided this horse show would be my move up it was mostly because my trainer told me it was typically a soft course and that I would be bored if I went BN. Well, when walking the course, it didn’t feel that soft. The first four fences were fair but then we got to five which was a upright fence in the shade with brush. We shared it with training and it said the middle brush was going to come out… but still.

That was my first moment of panic. 

My second came a little bit later after seeing the half coffin. A ditch to a huge roll top and then down to a big red house that on one side, due to terrain, came up to my books.  

Full on freaking out. Plus the course was uphill the entire way. I wasn’t sure if Gus was going to be fit enough. 

But I went back to the stabbing area and got Gus ready for my flat school. At least I could get though dressage. Nothing crazy about that. Only dressage schooling was crazy. Gus was acting like he had never been off property before. I was so angry. This wasn’t fun at all.

I was so annoyed, I told my trainer that I was scratching and going home. 

Thankfully she didn’t let me, worked me though the flat school and left me alone until our course walk. By then I had cooled down a bit but was still worried about the fences. 

In the end, I’m glad she didn’t make a big deal of my panic because the next morning we had the best dressage test we’ve ever had. We got three 8s! Three! And okay we got one 4 as well but we’re going to ignore that. 

Now I just had to get through XC.

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  1. sounds like a promising start! and i admit to following along with your progress on live scoring with excitement — can’t wait to hear the details!!!!

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