Trav Man

I don’t want to fall completely out of riding shape while Dandy is gone so on Wednesday I took a lesson with our barn manager, N, on one of the school horses named Traveler. I felt like a bit of a noob having to ask where Traveler’s pasture was but I suppose I have an excuse since I have not had a chance to ride any of the school horses.

It was a bit of a slow start but I ended up having a great lesson on the Trav man. His gaits feel all wrong to me. His trot is a lot more up and his canter is just awful. I was wishing for my Dandy Lion back, you can’t beat his rocking horse canter. But anyway, we worked on leg yields at the trot and then I got to do my very first ever canter leg yields! It was so cool.

The best part though, was that I actually felt like I could ride. Everyone says riding a green been makes you feel like a raw beginner but I think it’s easy to forget how true that is when that’s the only horse you ride. I was really feeling like my riding had gone majorly backwards, but once I was on a horse that allowed me to focus on me, things turned right back around. I’ve got another lesson with N and Travler this week and I think when JLE comes back I will try to do a lesson on one of her schoolies at least twice a month.