I had a GREAT ride with Dandy today. In all honesty, I probably shouldn’t have gone out to the barn because I am now even sicker than I was yesterday. All that work, heavy breathing in cold air, and dust did not do my throat any favors. Anyway, I’m still glad I did because we made awesome progress.

With some great advise from our trainer, LG, I switched from doing inside rein releases to doing one rein release, something I had never heard of before. And the change was almost instantaneous. Dandy’s head stretched out and down. Of course, he’s pretty smart so with constant work I think we’ll progress petty fast. Anyway, going to the right Dandy was going to town. I even got to the point where I was picking up my outside rein and working on getting him to go from lateral aids to diagonal aids. That was a bit harder, especially since Dandy didn’t want to listen to my legs (guess I need to pull out the spurs!). Check it out:

Going to the left? Not so good… No video of that either since my battery was dying. That’s what we’ll be working on the next few days.