Training Log 8.23.12

Today was not one of the better days, Dandy and I have had. It wasn’t bad it just wasn’t great.

Dandy gets so darn strong at the canter, over jumps and on the flat. I’m not sure if he’s just that big of a canter and I need to get him more collected (well, I do need to do that!) or if he’s unbalanced. I’m leaning towards the unbalanced because I’m noticing problems on the lunge line, especially when he’s working to the right. It’s on the list of things I want my butt kicked on when I take my first dressage lesson at Dandy’s new barn.

Besides the flat work, LG was kind enough to set up some jumps for us. We went over a single cross rail several times at both the trot and the canter where Dandy stayed nice and calm, no rushing. We also went over a bounce which I am happy to say that he jumped each part individually. We had a lot of problems finding our distance so it wasn’t the prettiest bounce I’ve ever done. Tomorrow I might add a second bounce to it to really make Dandy sit up and take notice.

All together, I am happy with the pony face and how he’s doing. I never felt like he was truly running away from me and with enough circling, I could get Dandy to calm back down after a particular quick line. Honestly, there’s a list of things I know I need to be able to do to move on to the next step of Dandy’s training but I’m having trouble. One thing that I’m really disappointed with is the fact that I am just not strong enough. There’s going to have to be some major core work in my future along with no stirrups, eek!