Trail Riding at Chickamauga

The  boy and I had been planning on going granite shopping on Saturday but then New Trainer texted me and said “Trail ride?” And since that is a way better option than granite shopping, we of course said yes.


This would be Gus’ first trail ride off property but I didn’t expect it would be a big deal since we have gone off property plenty of times. And of course, it wasn’t a huge deal at all. Gus loaded right up along with new trainer’s two guys, King and Van, and her boy friend’s mustang, Satan, and we hit the road.


It was a bit of a drive to Chickamauga but so worth it.

Eric got to ride Van, new trainer’s 1* horse and he had such a blast. While Eric loves riding, he doesn’t get to do so very often because we only have one horse. I tell him all the time he can ride Gus whenever he wants but he doesn’t want to screw up what Gus and I are working on or taking our limited time. So the boy was thrilled he was invited along on this outing.


Like I expected, Gus was good. They were setting off artillery but the only thing that was scary to Gus were the big signs explaining the history of the battle field. Those were terrifying for some reason. So Gus needs more trail riding miles to really relax but I think he enjoyed it. wp-1474286680025.jpg


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