Too Much Adulting

As crazy as this is going to sound, this is the first year since I can remember that I didn’t get anything related to riding or for my horse. I almost didn’t get anything horsey at all.

I’m not sure what happened!


I loved every single one of my gifts. They included some fabulous things like tickets to The Book of Mormon, an awesome hand knitted infinity scarf from my future sister-in-law, whiskey, and a brand new computer from the finance. But nothing for Gus or for me riding Gus. And if I hadn’t gotten two little horse ornaments, I would have been completely horseless.


I did get a couple checks and, of course, the first thing I thought of was what I needed for Gus. My mind came up blank.

Even worse, I couldn’t even think of anything I wanted badly enough to go purchase.



I’m adulting hard. That’s what happened. Must be that I just put down big bucks on a wedding dress (it was under budget but that’s still a lot of money to pay for a dress!) and my poor wallet is saying HELLS NO to any other purchases. Hopefully that stops soon. Otherwise I’ll lose my Tack Ho card for good!

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