TLDR: Awesome Weekend

I have written and rewritten this post about a hundred times. Actually, I don’t think that’s physically possible in the few days I’ve had but it certainly feels like a hundred times. The words just won’t come out. I finally decided it was because this clinic was so absolutely amazing and I had so much fun that it just seems kind of like a letdown to try to describe it all to you. So I won’t really bother.

Let’s sum up:

1)      Gus had so much sass being at Ashland. This may be partially totally because he had been off for over two weeks (colic, extreme cold temps, work, me being sick). On Saturday I was also having major Dandy flashbacks but did a good job of working myself out of it and keeping on with Gus. We ended up having a great ride.

Sunday for XC, I was just annoyed with the shenanigans so I took advantage of the clinic being run by my trainer and asked her to get on him. She did and took him around super big scary training fences and it was awesome. My horse is awesome.

2)      Ashland is fucking beautiful and almost the most perfect place on earth. I won’t even apologize for the swearing. I want to live there. It’s almost exactly what I would build if I could do anything I wanted.

3)      If you didn’t read it up in point 1, Gus is awesome. Also, I am awesome because (with the help of New Trainer), I DID THIS! Gus has been completely my work and, after Dandy, I didn’t think I was a very good rider. But I am. Or at least good enough.

4)      After being out on the XC, doing all sorts of advanced work over little fences and riding over novice fences that looked normal, I am so ready for FENCE. 

Also, I let my trainer know that I did want to point toward Novice for the end of the season. It’s something she’s been hinting at for a while but, while I am totally fine with all the dressage, XC was still scaring me. Not any more. I feel so confident and ready to start jumping those novice fences. Some are still a little frightening to me but after this weekend I know I have a horse who can move up and take it.

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