Time to Shave November

Okay, that joke is totally lame but I could not go one more week without shaving my woolly mammoth. On Saturday Dandy got his bath and then I went out during the Eagles game on Sunday with Guinness to give him the clip.


Without a doubt, this is the best he has ever been for his clip. He almost didn’t care at all that I was clipping his belly and I think that’s because I just did another round of omeprazolene and switched him back to SmartGut Ultra. Hopefully we can keep those ulcers under control now as he has been a much happier horse.

My birthday was on Friday and I have lots of Smartpak money to spend. The boy actually tried to buy me a winter coat I wanted but even though he got a small it was HUGE so I’m sending it back. It’d be perfect for skiing but I couldn’t deal with all the extra length and bulk and stuff for riding, which is what it’s supposed to be for. My mom also sent me a gift card so I am shortly going to be going on a shopping spree. I already know what I want. I can’t wait.

But the best part of the weekend was definitely that I was able to take the day off and just do nothing. I snuggled with the dogs, watched the Breeders’ Cup and enjoyed the trick or treaters.

Harley loved the kids and waited by the door most of the night.
Guinness hid in the back yard. He does not enjoy Halloween.

And then to top off a great weekend, yesterday I started my Nanowrimo novel. I have never finished and usually lose interest before I even start but I used to be a huge writer and I want to get back into it. I really like my novel this year, it’s a chick lit called Equestrogen (I don’t normally write about horses so this is something new too!), and I’m sitting at just over 4,000 words on day two. Now about 3,000 of those words are eventually going to be scrapped because I’m having trouble getting into my story but I’m just happy to be writing.

My motivational cover. Made it myself. :)
My motivational cover. Made it myself. 🙂

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    1. Wow, you did awesome. I think you deserve a year off from it. I’ve never gotten past the first day so I had to make it a priority to really get it done this year.

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