Three Reasons Why Lake Washoe is Better than Lake Tahoe

  1. Lake Tahoe, being incredibly deep and filled with the run off from the mountains is COLD. Lake Washoe is relatively flat, shallow and you can actually swim in it.wpid-img_0692-2012-08-26-14-09.jpg
  2. Lake Washoe is not anywhere near as crowded as Lake Tahoe. We saw one other family with their two dog and had the rest of the beach to ourselves. It was awesome.
  3. It gave Guinness the confidence to do this:

All of that is to say we had a GREAT time at the beach with Guinness yesterday. If you can see it in the video, Guinness is indeed wearing an e-collar and it has been very effective. Luckily he’s a smart dog and we don’t have to use it barely at all, it’s more of a precaution. There was a walker who came up with his also unleashed dog and surprisingly, Guinness was more interested in playing with his ball and being with Eric than he was in the dog! Score one for sending him to training for a week. We are very happy to have him home though.