This is Getting Old


Yes, we lost another shoe. *sigh* This time it was while we were working and was his front left. I don’t know what to do with this horse except count down the days until we’ve got his feet balanced and can work on going barefoot.

Thankfully it was a clean pull so as long as he doesn’t get sore, I’m leaving it until the farrier comes out. The ground isn’t really rocky out here and I’m not asking him to do anything crazy. We’ll work through it for a few weeks.


It was a bit of a shit show for a ride too. The jump area was set up for a pole and x-rail class so I figured it would be a good time to practice going over some baby x-rails. Every single time we approached the jump, Gus would come to a stop and FLING himself over the jump even with me encouraging with a whip. When he finally crashed through it I said enough was enough and went lunging him over barrels.

I’m not giving up hope on him being a jumping horse, but I definitely have my work cut out for me! He is not the natural that Dandy is.

wpid-20150516_075617.jpg wpid-20150516_080118.jpg

Saturday was a super early day for me because I agreed to judge the farm’s lesson program show. Those little kids were so adorable! And they were so nervous. I know a lot of them had never done anything like that before but it was so cute. There were two classes of older girls that really knew they were doing and boy was I impressed. They have a lot better equitation then I do!


14 thoughts on “This is Getting Old

  1. It may just take some time for him to find his sea legs, or in this case jumping legs. How long before he can have his shoes off? Are they anything special, or could you trial having them pulled now? Or what about glue on shoes? Losing shoes this often doesn’t seem normal to me.

    1. It’s really just that we need to keep back shoes on for another cycle until they balance up. After that though… barefoot! And it’s totally ridiculous to lose that many shoes so quickly but if you had seen him flailing the other day you’d understand at least this instance.

    1. Agreed. But these really werent more than cavaletti. Unfortunately, once he made a big deal out of it I had to press the issue so he didn’t learn to stop. We’re backing off though, I know when to do that at least. 🙂

  2. Urgh I hated this stage when we got my mare, she tore shoes off like no one’s business. I used to duct tape them as well as the bell boots, extra protection against being ripped off from the barn.

  3. how frustrating!!! i wonder if glue ons would help? if it’s just for another cycle or two the cost might be worth it?

  4. I don’t know your horse or his situation, but Courage had a really hard time “jumping” (baby cavaletti) when he was fresh off the track. We basically figured out it was because his body was just so tight and sore. A couple months later, he was great.

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me, but now that we got past it we’ll leave it be for a while and come back when it’s a better time. I’m really not that worried about it. I just didnt realize how much of a natural Dandy was.

  5. He is like one of those little kids you see constantly taking their shoes off and then running around the store! Glue on shoes or shoes made of Superfast by Vettec might be the answer!

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