"This IS fun!"

Oh yeah, Gus is starting to enjoy this whole jumping thing. Especially in the field because it means he gets to RUN. Or at least, he thinks he gets to run. We had very little braking power which I’m sure is mostly because he is still relatively fresh off the track and just doesn’t know how to brake…

But anyway, he was really enjoying himself and I felt so safe on him. He’s very honest when he’s going to refuse. And I did have one jump he refused twice: the yellow canoe. I felt it. I knew it was coming. I just couldn’t get my act together in time. I had to ride hard the third time but we got over it.

I’m starting to feel a lot more confident that Gus and I will eventually get around a horse trial someday. When I have money of course.

20 thoughts on “"This IS fun!"

    1. It’s kind of awesome. Except when. Your fresh ottb is pulling your arms out and there’s only ten yards until the fence line…

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