The Trot Jump

I was thinking about my lesson the other night and about how hard it was to get the grid when Gus was just stalling out to the fences when I remembered a different grid and a different trainer but the damn same problems. The first day of the Stephen Bradley clinic, I had the same issues with a trot fence and nothing I did made it feel any better.


And then, just a few weeks later I ran my first BN with Gus at Chat. We had one run out on XC. Guess which one? The one I trotted to.

Even I can see the pattern here!

Being able to trot fences is so important and the fact that I apparently can’t, anymore needs to be fixed asap. It’s showing all my weaknesses and it’s making it very clear that Gus it not actually in front of my leg (and that apparently I don’t know what to do with my body). Time to start working!