The Rumors of My Death

Well the time really got away from me there. I can’t believe it’s been five weeks since I’ve updated you on how things are going with the GusGus and I. Let’s start with what I’m sure you want to actually know about: the schooling show!

Gus was a wonderful boy. We need a lot more work in the dressage ring but I couldn’t have asked for a better horse in the jumping phases. We came home with a sixth place finish and will be moving up to beginner novice at our next show.


Otherwise, things have been pretty slow on the horse front. It’s been hot and humid and I am staring to think that everyone who wants to live down in the south is crazy.


And I might be crazy because I signed up for a show next weekend… just kill me now.

6 thoughts on “The Rumors of My Death

  1. I was beginning to wonder about you! People that live in the south are crazy…but those of us that live in the north have to deal with three feet of snow all winter long…so I guess that makes us crazy too.

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