The Rain Never Lasts

Well, as usual, it’s never as doom and gloom as I make it out to be. The past few days have been incredibly frustrating and they had me thinking the worse: that I was over faced with Dandy. But you’re going to have bad days, bad weeks and even bad months when training youngsters. I’ve just got to not let it bother me which is always easier said than done.

I went out this morning with a better attitude than yesterday. I also decided to put his rope halter on under his bridle for the lunging. I think it helped to not have that extra poll on the bit right now while he’s still figuring it out. Dandy was so so much better. Again, to the left there were not issues. Going to the right there were still a few rears but way less than yesterday. The hardest part for him was trying to figure out how to canter without throwing his head up. He would start cantering with his hind end but got stuck. Eventually he figured it out. Friday will hopefully ┬ábe even better!

I was so proud of him. I kept praising him every time he figured the littlest thing out. I think his confidence in the reins is growing. It’s going to take some time but it’ll be worth it.

Afterwards I tacked him up and got on to run through both of my tests. They weren’t winners, but we did each movement in order and I got some nice stretching. I also got halts each time I asked for them. Yes, I did let him throw his head up but at this point, that’s okay. I just need a stop without a rear. The arena had been freshly dragged before I rode so sadly I could see just how crooked our diagonals are, lol. Oh well. The point of Saturday is not to win a blue ribbon but to get Dandy in the show arena again.

I am once again looking forward to our show on Saturday. I have a feeling there will be a ton of lunging before getting in the ring.