The Prodigal Gus Returns

The pony’s brain came back yesterday!

When I got out to the barn last night, it was still 70 degrees but dark. I guess everyone was rushing out of work at the same time to enjoy the weather because it took me an extra half hour to navigate the traffic. Despite it being Tuesday which is normally a very busy lesson day, the barn was pretty quiet. I had already decided we were going to have the most relaxing, non-stress ride ever so this all seemed like a gift to me.

I also decided to switch the bit back up and put the loose ring on the bridle.

I don’t know if it was any one thing in particular or a combination of the nice weather, the loose ring, the lack of activity, or that Gus had finally decided that he could go back to work, but I had such a nice horse under me! For the first two minutes when I got on, he started chomping at the bit and throwing his head only to kind of stop and go “Oh, that’s different!” Then the chomping turned to chewing (every horse I have ever used this on has really liked the copper mouth piece) and the head tossing stopped completely.

We are able to do some really nice quality work where we worked on being able to have control of the shoulders, balancing on our circles, and not get distracted every five steps. Short and sweet and to the point. It was so so nice to have Good Gus back!

And I enjoyed the t-shirt weather as well.


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