The Problem with Dandy

Well, Dandy is still for sale. No one has swept up this absolute sweetheart of a horse (and insanely talented to boot, not to mention braver than any other horse I’ve ever ridden) but I’m not really surprised. It’s winter. It’s the PNW. There’s not a lot of call for high priced geldings out there.


It sucks because I would buy him back in a heartbeat if I could. I actually have the money to be able to afford him but I don’t have the money to buy him, even if you expect what I’d be doing is buying out the rest of the syndicate instead of actually purchasing him (and would then get a “discount” on the price). It doesn’t keep me from dreaming.

I know the dream is unrealistic but I’ve really thought about how to get him back. I’ve added it all up, how much could I borrow from my grandma, from my parents, how much I could get from selling Gus, how much I could take out in a personal loan. Wondering if the syndicate would take payments.

Clearly I’ve lost it.


There’s just such an ache in my heart surrounding this horse. Part of it is just loosing him for good. Part of it is still feeling like I gave up on him. Part of it is the headache that this syndicate has been.

I hope his next person finds him soon. I hope he meets some talented junior or young rider or, heck, even another amateur like me and sweeps them of their feet. I hope somebody realizes what a nice horse he is and loves him the way I do.

In the meantime, enjoy the video of Dandy jumping in a clinic from last weekend (sorry about the bad quality but you can still see how great he looks!).