The Post Where I Buy All the Things

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, I’m not very good at coming up with topics to write about when I don’t have a horse around. Yesterday should have been the Aspen Derby but of course, no horse. And despite the horse being in California, I’ve been purchasing a lot of stuff for him.

The first is that I needed to get him a fly sheet this summer. I ended up going a little high end here and splurged on the Rambo Fly Buster because I like how the v-neck closure fits on Dandy and Rambo quality is top notch.

I also bought him the matching Rambo fly mask because his went missing last year. Hopefully it doesn’t go missing this year or I will be upset.

Next, I switched out Dandy’s SmartPak. He was on the SmartGut Ultra but JLE wanted me to try U Guard. A definite plus is that it was about a fifth of the price of SmartGut! So, I added SmartHoof Ultra Pellets. I’ve wanted to put him on a hoof supplement for a while so this seemed like a good opportunity. If I don’t see a change in two months I can get my money back and in the mean time it means I still get free shipping. And it’s still all cheaper than the SmartGut was.

And finally…

I’m ordering my saddle!

voltaire lexington

While technically not ordered yet, I do have the invoice and left a message with the rep to let him know I am all in and want to pay my down payment. I’m so excited.