The Packing Process

At the end of a show my trailer, aka dressing room, is quite a mess:

I am not embarrassed to share this. Mostly.

And yes, I do obviously tidy up before Gus gets in for his ride home. Still, that’s a lot of stuff to remember to pack in the first place! But you know my secret? I LOVE to pack. It’s like a giant puzzle. I may hate cleaning, and organizing is not really my favorite thing, but packing is so relaxing. When I moved out to Nevada to be with Eric six (!) years ago I packed everything I had of value in my little Toyota corolla. It was kind of amazing.

I have a system that works well for me which is actually really simple. All I need is my handy dandy lists (I am also a lover of lists) and a big space to lay everything out.

The beginning stages of packing.

Now that I am doing recognized showing with Gus, I have had to sit down and adjust my packing list. I had it down to a science for Dandy but things are a little different here. The main one being that I am actually doing the riding instead of JLE so there are a whole bunch of other things I need to add to my list. Like show clothes!

That being said, as much as I love lists, I don’t want to recreate the wheel every time I have a show. So I made a really cool little document that helps me check off each item on my list. Once I am confident that I have all my essentials listed, I will get it laminated but for now I just print out a new one each show.

A work in progress still.

As I’m sure you can tell if you look at it closely, this is still a bit of a work in progress. For example, I don’t actually need a tent anymore since I clean out and sleep in my horse trailer. And my Dubarrys (also spelled wrong on my chart!) are not nearly as essential here as they were in the PNW.

But at least with this I know that I have the most essential aspects and won’t be missing anything too important. I hope!

9 thoughts on “The Packing Process

  1. Love lists! I need to overhaul and organize my tack room real bad. For the most part everything stays in the trailer though.

    1. Hahaha, does it change your mind to learn that that’s not just the dressing room but I’ve spilled into the entire trailer? Also I may have organized a bit for the picture…

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