The Pack

Besides our love of horses, Eric and I are also huge dog lovers. We knew we had to have at least one dog in our lives… and maybe a second…


Eric got Guinness about a month before I moved in. He was just a little 11 lbs of fuzz when he was picked up from the airport but it wasn’t long before he had reached full height and almost 100 lbs! Guinness is a long haired German shepherd who loves eating celery, chewing his ChuckIt balls, and singing along with the piano. If you get him going, he’ll howl all night.



Guinness is an incredibly intelligent dog but he only ever uses his mind for good. He earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Title in the fall of 2012 and is currently training for agility.


We got Harley, a field bred golden retriever, in the spring of 2013. We had already picked out a breeder in Washington before we knew we’d be moving up here so it seemed to be fate when we were also able to get our first choice of puppies. We quickly found out, however, that Harley is a spitfire.

Both of her parents were champion AKC Field Trial dogs so we knew Harley was going to have the drive to do something. Turns out that she loves competitions and staying busy. After we discovered that we couldn’t keep her out of the water, we signed Harley up for her first dock diving competition. She surprised everyone by not hesitating and her huge air catching leaps into the pool.


Harley also is exceeding expectations in her agility training. When we started it seemed like her high energy would keep her from ever being able to focus but she’s finally starting to come around and is winning most of her classes.