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Things have been really busy as of late but now that life is slowing down and paperwork is all official, I can finally share our big news!

We’re moving to the Seattle area!

The boy got a job offer that we couldn’t refuse, and not just for the money. I love Seattle. I went to school on the eastern side of the state (Go Zags!) and spent a lot of time in the Emerald City. In fact, I had always had plans to move back after graduate school but when I seriously started considering my future with Eric I put that plan on the back burner. It was never going to happen because Eric doesn’t like the rain. Only it is happening! I’m excited for better job prospects and closer horse trials.

I’m going to be really sad to leave all the good things I’ve got here. My friends. My barns. My job. But this is going to be a great adventure for Eric and I.

Anyway, on to the last few days.

Saturday I worked a full day and it was sort of slow. Okay, really slow. I made a lot of bows. A LOT.



I did get out to the barn at the end of the day to feed the pony. He was more interested in eating his dinner then taking pictures. I’m sure he was tired after his training ride.



On Sunday we woke up to falling snow. And where is the best place to spend a winter day when it’s snowing? Why, Kirkwood Ski Resort. So fabulous. We went with my dressage trainer and her boyfriend and had a blast. They even got me down my first black diamond. I’m a bad ass now. Only not really because I was exhausted and killed my legs skiing in all the wonderful powder.

imageMonday I had a dressage lesson. Kristen was tough but I’m glad she was. We worked on teaching Dandy that moving his neck does not mean he has to change directions. It really is crazy the amount of progress we’ve made. We could not have even attempted that two weeks ago. It was hard but I did feel the progress. The few times I was able to get him really supple on both sides I could feel the straightness.

We also worked on the canter transitions. I’ve got to be there for him every step both into and out of the canter. When I forget he runs in and runs out. Not good. Sorry Dandy!

Yesterday, or Tuesday, was a jump lesson with Madchen. Dandy almost got me off when I let him run out of the little bounce grid we were doing. I was concentrating so hard on keeping my right leg on that I forgot to send him straight. My own fault but it screwed with my head for the rest of the lesson. I hate when that happens. Still, I think I did a good job on getting us both over the issue. By the end of the lesson I was getting through the grid a whole lot straighter. My posture is definitely improving as well.

I rode in my lesson in a M. Toulouse Anice Close Contact with genesis system and really liked it. There’s this piece of decorative leather at the end of the flap and at first that really bothered me but I didn’t notice by the end. Madchen said it would eventually get worn into the same level as the rest of the flap. The genesis system was really easy to use and I think it might be a good fix for Dandy while his back is still changing and I save up the money for a custom saddle. I think I want to try the monoflap before committing to it first, however.

So, anyone from the Seattle area? Anyone you recommend? Things are going to be crazy for the next few months but hopefully they’ll settle down and I can get back into work with Dandy.


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  1. Oooh!! I love Seattle. So pretty, so many pony things today. (Apparently there’s a city, too? Not sure.) Congrats to Eric on the job!

    Sounds like Dandy is doing awesome, yay!

  2. Congrats on the move! I’ve done two big almost across the country moves with my now husband, and both times we had no regrets. It’s a fun, fun adventure! I have been looking at that M. Toulouse saddle but couldn’t get anyone I trust to tell me anything good about it. I sat in one at Dover and loved it, but my saddle fitter said she has to take in sooooo many of those on repair. I’ve also heard some are better than others too!

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