The Mane Problem

What is it about summer that just makes it hard to jump on here and keep updated? Probably all the beautiful sunshine! Well, whatever it is, it’s not like I had a lot to update about anyway. This last week was good but slow. The barn was super empty and it seemed like everyone was at Rebecca Farms, though it was really only a handful of people. The barn did great though. JLE finished second in the CCI** and one of her students won a section of the Jr. Training. I don’t expect to be able to next year (the lowest division at Rebecca Farms is Novice) but hopefully one day I can tag along as well.

New brushing boots for XC

As for Dandy and I, we kept working. We had a few days were all I did was work on trotting and varying our speed. Dandy is getting way more responsive to my seat, which is fabulous. However, I notice that when I’m focusing on getting him forward my whole posture sort of falls to pieces. My heels are up, my arms flap around. Ugh. There’s always something to work on, isn’t there?

I also decided to ride bareback one night. I was getting some really good connection and I can tell my seat is way better. Just a few months ago I couldn’t canter for more than a few steps bareback but now I can canter multiple circles. It’s nice to feel some improvement. During this ride I really focused on my posture: sitting up, stretching my heels down, keeping my whole leg wrapped around Dandy, using my core, ect. I felt like we had a really good ride that day.

On Sunday, the boy finally got a chance to come ride again. He always does really well with Dandy so I was glad he was able to come out. unfortunately the ride was cut short. Eric pulled Dandy up from a canter to fix a stirrup and as they walked off Dandy started limping. Uh oh. What did you do horse? So we trotted him out and he was three foot lame. We brought Dandy  up to the barn and untacked, I couldn’t find any heat but we hosed the leg off anyway and trotted out again. Not lame. I gave him some bute anyway and put him back in his stall.

No idea what happened but he was perfectly sound when I went out to  lunge him yesterday morning. Which is a good thing because the one day is on Saturday and I’d hate to have to scratch after the hassle it’s been to get JLE and I lined up on the same page as far as schedules.

On to a completely different topic: Dandy’s mane. What the heck is wrong with it?

Iguess it doesn’t look as bad as I’m claiming it does. Also this is probably the wrong side to look at it from.

It’s been almost two months since I pulled it and it just won’t lay flat. He has a five inch mohawk. I’m not sure what I did wrong. The first time I pulled it when he first got out to NV it laid nice and flat. When Madchen cut it as she does with her scissors it lay flat (and looked the best it ever has).

First time after pulling his mane, Feb 2012.

I did pull it a little short this time but it’s back up to a good length now and it’s still standing straight up. Also, it’s incredibly brittle and frizzy which is making me crazy. Any help? What do you all do with your manes?

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  1. Tarra and I were just having this conversation. My manes stick straight up after pulling….so I’m not help there. I ended up roaching Roz’s mane last winter and it was cute. Now that it’s grown back I’m not sure what I will do with it. I just trimmed it with thinning scissors and that worked well.

    1. I love thinning scissors for trimming… maybe I should try that for the whole mane. I’d love to just roach it and start over but I hate the inbetween when he won’t have the mane and it’s not flat. 🙂

  2. To get it to lay flatter as it grows, be sure you’re pulling from the whole mane, not just the underside. Otherwise, the underside grows out and it sticks up.

    You have to consider what your goal is. I work in a show barn and pulled manes are prepping for braiding, so my concern is that they are uniform, short, and thin. I don’t care at all if they stand up. The dressage barn near us doesn’t pull at all–they cut manes about 6″ long and then do big dressage braids in them. I think it looks stupid, but obviously, I’m not a dressager.

    To help address the brittle/frizzy problem, use a good conditioner. Cuna has super fine hair, so I like Equus Premier ( or Vetrolin Conditioner ( I will say, the vetrolin stuff is harder to rinse out, but when I was done, Cuna felt like a plushie toy. So soft. Think about how your weather conditions affect his hair. You’ll get it under control.

    1. Oooooh! Thank you! I don’t know if I was pulling just from the bottom but I must have been because it is definitely sticking straight up. I’m excited to try new products, hopefully one works.

  3. Henry has crazy hair!!! Lol … I try to wet and brush it down every day, not sure it helps. I figure when we are at a place it really matters, he’ll be braided 🙂

    Ps. I too am a BIG fan of the Vetrolin products 🙂 love em!!!

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