The Long Haul

6:26 AM
If every one of Dandy’s pasture mates is lame today its because all of them thought having an early morning crazy galloping and bucking fest was a good idea. Despite that we are only getting out a half hour later than I had planned. Dandy has the BOT wraps on his hind legs which was quite a task with all the crazy going on.


8:00 AM
Well that was easier than I was expecting.  Just got through the ag checkpoint into CA.

Ag inspector: “Where you headed?”
Me: “WA”
Ag I: “No stops in CA?”
Me: “No.”
Ag I: “Have a good day.”

They didn’t look at Dandy’s coggins or brand inspection or health certificate.  So much for me wanting to be legal.

2:19 PM
Just a little over half way and almost through our audio book, Ready Player One. The dogs are mostly behaving and Dandy is doing well.I switched his blanket from his light weight to my Horseware stable sheet and took off the BOT wraps.  Wish we were closer.


5:28 PM
This is the trip that will not end.  Are we ever going to make it?


6:19 PM
Passed Portland Meadows. Glad Dandy is done with his racing days.


10:16 PM
And we made it. Sadly scratched my truck while parkinh the trailer but such is life.


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  1. yay Dandy is with you now!!! So excited for you and can’t wait to hear/read about how things go in your new home/town 🙂

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