The Great Curry Comb Experiment

A while back, I asked for help finding a curry comb for Dandy since he is the most sensitive of sensitive red head thoroughbreds. You guys all had great suggestions and I tried (I think) all of them!

For the short version, see here:

If you’re actually interested in what I tested… I tried to be as scientific in my testing as possible and used the same pressure for each grooming item. But I’m human and I was in a hurry so this of course has biases.

1. The ConairPRO Equine Fine Curry Comb


Notes: This is my go to curry comb but Dandy has never liked it. He pins his ears, swishes his tail, moves around. If I get too aggressive with it he’ll threaten the teeth.
Results: No Go

2. Rubber Facial Curry Comb

244166Notes: This is another one of my staples. It is like a smaller and softer version of the curry above. Dandy seemed to do okay with this one. Some tail swishing, some flinching.
Results: Tolerable but not great.

3. Jelly Scruber

0010622Notes: I did both sides of this one. The smaller bristles (underside in the picture) were, strangely enough, more annoying to Dandy than the larger ones. He hard core put his ears back and swished his tail. With the bigger sides, he still swished his tail but didn’t react quite as badly.
Results: One side tolerable, one side HELLS NO

4. Plastic Curry Brush


Notes: I had never even thought of trying this one because I thought, hard plastic?! no way Dandy is going to be able to stomach this one. So I was shocked that his reaction wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. He didn’t like it and the ears were back but he wasn’t flinching and he didn’t threaten the teeth. All in all, I felt like I could use this one, especially on the hind end to really get that deep dirt.
Results: Keeper for some extra tough dirt.

5. Rubber Grooming Mitt


Notes: Again, this was one I’ve had in my bathing kit forever but I never thought to try it when he was dry. Dandy was not a fan. He had never really liked it when I was giving him a bath but I didn’t know if that had been the bath or the mitt…
Results: Leave this for bath time

6. Sisal Bath Mitt


Notes: I got the idea to use a sisal mitt from the blog Show Ring Ready where the author claimed that the sisal mitt is pretty much perfect for the horse that hates EVERYTHING else. Well, people commonly use sisal mitts to exfoliate so I figured, why not? Omg. Game changer. Dandy didn’t react at all and I was pushing pretty hard.
Results: Cue Angels Singing!!

8 thoughts on “The Great Curry Comb Experiment

  1. My big red horse only likes a sisal mitt, too. In fact, he LOVES it. And if I use anything else, he tries to kill me. So.

  2. awesome summary!! my mare is similar in being iffy about some of the softer rubber brushes, but ok with the hard plastic. i’m definitely going to try that sisal mitt tho!

  3. 1. The video is hilarious (and if that’s your stall on the end, I have the same horse info card on the stall).
    2. I remember back in the day they made #4 plastic curry brush with a hose attachment! I haven’t seen that kind of brush in a while so thank you for the fun memory.
    3. I use #5 all the time when Knight’s dry. When I was in 4-H the people were big into AQHA shows and they used it all over the horses body if I remember correctly.
    4. I’ve never heard of a sisal bath mitt for horses, but it’s genius. Thank you for discovering that and sharing!

  4. You’re the second person to recommend Sisal grooming mitts for sensitive redheaded Thoroughbreds to me. Sounds like I seriously need to get one!!

  5. Your horse seems quite picky! He’s so cute though! My horse basically loves any kind of grooming. I’m pretty sure I could curry her with a rake, and I think she would still love it! LOL!

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