The Goods

Just a quick update as I’m fighting a headache, but the tack sale was good. While it wasn’t the biggest I’ve ever been to (Hello, Orchard Rangers of Minnesota!) it was still a good size. And even better than I was expecting as they had a good amount of English stuff. I found lots of stuff I could have bought but I was good.

In the end, I got a Horsewear Ireland blanket liner and a Rambo Newmarket blanket hood. The blanket liner is only a 75″ which is a bit short but since it’s just supposed to be another layering tool I’m not too worried if a few inches of his butt aren’t covered. I doubt Dandy will care much! I’m also going to have to MacGyever some hooks on the blanket and hood so it will actually be useable (none of my blankets are set up for it, unfortunately) so that will be a good project for the summer.

Best part? I got all of it for just $42. Score.

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