The Burning

My legs and core are burning! I can’t keep my knees together for more than a few seconds without them starting to shake. Second ride of no stirrups is in the books.

Aspen_enalbone_1-2 Aspen_enalbone_2-2 Aspen_enalbone_3-2

Can I just take a moment to say how much I love my latte colored horse? Dandy’s a bit of an odd color. He’s a chestnut but he’s not really that bright shinny red chestnut. He’s coper colored really and in the winter he gets almost chocolately colored. I love how he looks when he’s clipped.

The lesson was really good and JLE already thought my position looked a lot better on the flat. And yes, we even did a little jumping. Though it was just a baby cross rail (no pictures of that). Maybe by the end of the month I will be jumping full courses? JLE wants me to start doing three lessons a week so that is YAY!

ETA: Apparently the boy got a quick video of the cross rail jump!

10 thoughts on “The Burning

  1. he really is a lovely color, now that you mention it lol. and yea.. it’s not obvious at all that you don’t have stirrups (esp in the 4th pic and the video) – awesome work! feeling inspired to actually go do my own NSN…..

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