The Author

I’ve been obsessed with horses for as long as I can remember and have done a little bit of just about everything. Although my foundation is in hunters, I also have done a bit of vaulting, gymkhana, trail riding, and even went team penning once.

I got my first horse when I was in 9th grade. Her name was Sheena and she was a strawberry roan Quarter x Appy cross. I adored her but she was a handful. Sheena taught me a lot about riding and management. Honestly, I did a lot of stupid stuff with her but she not only kept me safe, she tolerated me. It was hard to sell her when I went to college but that’s just the way of life.

Sheena, the summer before I sold her

After finishing college (and a brief and ultimately unsatisfactory foray into graduate school), I moved out to the Sierra Nevadas with my boyfriend, who loves horses just as much as I do. While there, we purchased our first horse, Dandy Longlegs, in the hopes that he would be the horse to take me all the way from my first event up to prelim.

Along the way we moved to the Pacific Northwest where I started working with a wonderful trainer, JLE. During the two years we were in Seattle, we discovered that Dandy, an incredibly talented horse, just wasn’t going to be the right fit for me. Though it was initially a huge disappointment, everything turned out well in the end when JLE was able to put together a syndicate to buy Dandy. The Boy and I retained a small share of Dandy  as I will always be his biggest fan and want to continue to be part of his life, as long as I can


When all this was happening, we also found out that we would be relocating all the way from Washington to Area III. So in late March we packed up our two wonderful (and long suffering) dogs and made our way south.

Someday, I hope to actually complete in a one star event. It’s always been my dream to event but I’ve never had the money or the horse to do so. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my ups and downs in this crazy sport. It’s going to be a long road, but a great adventure.