Team Longlegs

I am very pleased to announce the sale and syndication of Dandy Longlegs to JLE!


This has been in the works for almost two months now but there were many moments I thought it was never going to happen. Not only did the syndicate members need to be put together and everyone had to agree to the buy in, we also dealt with a mysterious random lameness the week before his pre-purchase. That was stressful! But everything came together like it was supposed to (Dandy passed his PPE with no issues) and I am so so excited to be a member of Team Longlegs. Eric and I retained partial ownership of Dandy so you can rest assured that I will be here blogging every step of the way.

So what is up next for Dandy? Well, he will be joining JLE and his stable mate, Revitavet Capato, on a trip out east to make his spring debut. And there might be a little visit to the Kentucky Horse Park. Maybe Dandy will get a little inspiration for his future there?

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