Team Longlegs Syndication

Part 1 – The Origin Story

Part 2 – Dandy and Me

Part 3 – Team Longlegs Syndication 

Selling Dandy could have been the end of the road but then something amazing happened: JLE put together a syndicate to purchase Dandy and put him on the road for bigger and better things.

JLE is the perfect rider to take Dandy to the next level. During the summer of ’14, JLE took Dandy to his very first event, BN at the E.I. Horse Trials at the Washington State Horse Park. They finished second. After that, she continued to show him, moving him up to Novice (Aspen Farms H.T., Whidbey Island H.T., Rebecca Farms H.T., Caber Farms H.T.) and finishing at training level at the fall Aspen Farms H.T.


Eric and I retained two shares of Dandy and we are so excited to see where the road takes us for however long it does. While JLE and Dandy may not be a partnership forever, we hope that he will continue to grow under her skilled hands.