Take Me Back to the Beach

Wow is it hard to get back to real life after going on vacation! We hadn’t planned on going anywhere for Memorial Day Weekend but the boy came home on Friday and said “Want to go to the beach for the weekend?” His brother is doing a huge drive around the country road trip this summer and happened to be in Florida so we decided to meet up with him in Pensacola.

I’m so glad we did! It was only a five hour drive from Atlanta and the beach was just wonderful! The first day we walked in to a huge LGBT party at one of the dog beaches. (Note, I have no problem with that lifestyle, what you choose to do or who you choose to do in your own bedroom between two consenting parties is none of my business). That was quite fun, actually. Everyone was super nice but they were also very trashed. Kind of reminded me of a big frat party. And they LOVED the dogs. But, hey, who doesn’t?

I will admit though that when we went back the next day, we went to the dog beach on the other end of the island so that we could actually relax…

wpid-img_2128.jpg wpid-img_2127.jpg

I think Harley had the most fun out of all of us. She loved the ocean but the waves definitely wore her out more than we were all expecting. We were only at the beach for two hours the first day but she swam those entire two hours. In fact, any time we tried to make her take a break, she sat in the sand just watching the ocean and whining to go back. What a goof.

Also, I love having great food, especially after a long day at the beach. There’s something about the sun and the water that really takes it out of you. The first night we found a bunch of food trucks while walking around the actual town of Pensacola. The second day we ate lunch at the beach where I got to have one of my favorite southern coast meals: coconut shrimp. I’m not even sure why I like it so much. I don’t like coconut. Except when it’s on shrimp apparently.



Our last day ended up being a very short day at the beach. Even though the surf had been up and left us unable to swim the second day, the third day was even worse. We couldn’t really let Harley off the leash at all because all she wanted to do was go out in the water and retrieve trash or seaweed. I was so afraid she’d get swept out. She’s a good swimmer but the lifeguards put up the red flag for a reason Harley!

She did not appreciate that.


It was a quick weekend but so much fun. Take us back please!


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