Best Photos of 2017

I was blessed with so many good photos this year. Beyond blessed! But, I just found out that I’m getting an award from our local dressage and combined training club and they want a picture for the slide show. How am I supposed to pick?

Help a fellow blogger out?

Stadium at Sporting Days Farm H.T.
Best Horse Ever at Poplar Place May H.T.
Stadium at Stable View H.T.
XC at Stable View H.T.
Dressage at Area Champs
Novice Stadium at Tryon Riding & Hunt Club H.T.
Finishing XC at Pine Top Thanksgiving H.T.



So which one is your favorite? Got another? Let me know in the comments!

A Look Back at 2015

2015 was filled with some big changes for me. Some good, some bad. I am so thankful for everything I was given this year.


I didn’t post a single thing during January. I was on hiatus. I was also in the process of syndicating Dandy but that was our little secret. We did have our very last lesson together. JanuaryLesson_5


Everything became official with the sale of Dandy to the Team Longlegs Syndicate in February. This was a very emotional day for me. I felt a lot of sadness on leaving Dandy and in saying goodbye (with me moving, who knew if I was actually ever going to see him again). But I also felt a lot of relief which made me realize I was doing the right thing. I took the dogs to one last agility trial in Washington where we all had a ball.



Even though Dandy wasn’t mine anymore, I still loved on him all I could and did a fun experiment with curry combs. As part of his new life, Dandy immediately got on the road and headed out to Georgia to show at Poplar Place. Not his best finish but he learned a lot. I also got in the car and started my long trip to Georgia.

from JLE's Facebook page
from JLE’s Facebook page


I started looking for a new horse and got surprised when I ran across Gus. I knew I was taking another risk with a straight off the track thoroughbred but I had a good gut feeling. Unfortunately with the rain and the lack of an indoor, I wasn’t able to get on Gus until the end of the month. He was everything I dreamed of! Both Gus and Dandy had their birthdays in April and then I ran off to Kentucky for Rolex!



May was a relaxing month full of lost shoes and fun trail rides. I really spent the time getting to know Gus and installing some basic riding horse manners. We also began taking lessons with awesome dressage trainer C. Dandy went to another event and Harley jumped almost 19 feet at her dock diving competition.



We repeated May all over again, only with less lost shoes. Dandy competed at Aspen. I won a pair of EquiFit boots. And Gus started working over poles.

Oh yeah, and I got engaged.



Gus competed in his first schooling show where we did Intro A and Intro B. It was at his home barn and he behaved great in the warm up and great in the ring. Dandy surprised everyone and came home with the win at the 2015 Whidbey Island H.T. Open Training division. And then did it again at Rebecca Farms.



Things slowed way down this month. The heat really began to take its toll on me and I found myself getting to the barn at ungodly hours in the morning to make it work. We also did a lot of crazy trail rides. Dandy had a less than stellar showing at Caber H.T. and I went to Istanbul!



I tried to pull all four of Gus’ shoes off this month and he immediately went four foot lame. He came back pretty quickly but there was not a lot of riding this month. Dandy had an unfortunately and weird fall in his first prelim debut. Not the best ending to his season.



I was able to get back on Gus for a while. I also started my new job. My future sister in law came down to take our engagement photos.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 6.04.30 PM


After having Gus get sore again right after being trimmed, I decided to put the front shoes back on. I missed not being able to ride my horse. Gus also got a clip and was an angel. Took me half the time it took me to do Dandy. Work problems, drive time, and the rain kept me from seeing too much of the Gus Gus. I bought a new to me dressage saddle.



This was a bigger month than I think I blogged about. It was also the month of competitions. Harley and Guinness went to an agility trial at the GA Horse Park. Guinness was on his A game, Harley was a monster. But somehow Harley came home with High in Trial for Novice Dog. The very next week I took Gus to his first off property schooling show. He was a super star. And he jumped double clear in both stadium and XC. I also found my wedding dress and had a tv style “Say Yes to the Dress” experience.


Here’s to an even better 2016!

2015 Whidbey Island H.T. – Winning

I don’t even have words to describe how happy I am with how Dandy did at Whidbey. So I will let the pictures tell the story.

07_10_15-050 07_10_15-060

Scored a respectable 29.8 in dressage to sit in 5th going into XC.

07_11_15-735 07_11_15-737

Where he was a beast going through the water (and according to JLE, a little disobedient… but hey, when you’re a superstar, you’re allowed that). Seriously, look at those ears. He is so on this. 07_11_15-741 07_11_15-763

And then finished the weekend off with another double clear in stadium to WIN.

07_12_15-1143 07_12_15-1134

Our boy sure does not have issues with the height, huh?


Neck ribbon and cooler. Nice swag Dandy!


ETA: All photos are used with permission from the wonderful Simon over at Photos by the Floyds. Thank you!